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MCA Master Schedule

Posted: Wed, 23 May 2007 11:49 -0700
by Caldar
Raid leaders, please notify me if I don't have the correct information on here.

(all times are in Pacific/server time)

Upstart Crows
Monday 7:30-11 pm (invites 7:15pm)
Thursday 7:30 - 11 pm (invites 7:15pm)

Contact: Hanstall, Tziva

The Raid With No Name
Friday 7-10 pm (invites 6.30pm)
Saturday 6-10 pm (invites 5.30pm)
Contact: Quinafoi

Tuesday 8-11pm? (invites 7.30pm)
Friday 8-11pm? (invites 7.30pm)
Contact: Verali, Orin

Therin's Raid[
Sunday 5 - 9 pm (invites 4:30pm)

Contact: Therin

Re: MCA Master Schedule

Posted: Mon, 01 Dec 2008 06:22 -0800
by Caldar
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