Raiding With Your Guild & MCA

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Raiding With Your Guild & MCA

In Cataclysm, guilds will be able to earn raiding achievements and perks by raiding in an environment that is at least 80% guild members. We understand that many players who currently raid with MCA may wish to take advantage of this change. We also recognise that many people and guilds have a long history with the MCA and close friendships with other members, and may desire to continue raiding “as an MCA raid” together even as they seek to earn guild achievements and reputation. In an effort to support our members, MCA will not be asking you to choose between your relationships here and earning your guild perks. In Cataclysm, MCA will permit raids where 80%+ of the roster consists of a single guild, provided they meet specific standards that we feel are true to the spirit of being “guild blind”.

If you wish your guild-dominated raid to be considered an official MCA raid with all the attendant rights and privileges you must:
  • Treat all members uniformly regardless of guild affiliation. This means:
    • Members cannot not be pressured to join or leave a guild.
    • Loot and invite policies must adhere to official MCA rules and have no preferential treatment based on guild affiliation.
    • Raid rules and information must be accessible to all MCA members on the MCA website.
    • Members cannot be required to join a guild website or channel to participate in a raid.
  • Maintain the concept of reserved members. Once reserved, a member must never be replaced by a guild mate who desires the spot.
  • For transparency, the raid information sticky must state if the roster aims to be 80% guild members, and the leader must maintain an updated roster of all current reserved members.
  • Require all raid members individually join the MCA channel and register for the website.
  • Agree to and follow our standard Loot and Invite policies.
MCA has long prided itself on creating a home for players in small, family, vanity, RP and personal guilds and players who remain unguilded. It is very important to us to continue to stay true to this philosophy while at the same time embracing the new game changes to support our members who do wish to form raids with their guildmates.