MCA Getting Started Info & FAQ

New to the site and want to know what to do, where to go, and who to talk to?
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MCA Getting Started Info & FAQ

Please read the following stickies for their relevant info: Download required mods
While there are many, many mods out there, MCA requires the following:
  • Ora2 or CT_RaidAssist
  • Tanks & DPS have a functional threat-meter installed (like Omen) that they can toggle on when necessary.
  • Raid leaders may also require additional mods. Please see the raid’s individual forum for further details.

MCA uses the Discord for both voice chat during raid and general chat. You can download it here. You can use Discord through a browser, but the application is recommended so you can set a Push-to-talk keybind. You may ask other MCA members in-game to help you get Ventrilo set up, but please have this ready before your first raid with MCA. If you run into problems, please send a message to Caldar on the forums.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a raid?

The following resources can help you find a raid to call home:
  • The Master Schedule shows all currently running raids, their content, size and time frame.
  • Finding a Raid 101 will outline all the steps needed to join a particular raid
  • Contact the raid leader or captain of the raid leader you are interesed in through Private Messages or their forum.
What are the rules of my raid?

All MCA raids follow a standardised policy for loot and invites. However, many raids will have additional rules or policies specific to that group. Please look for a General Info or Rules sticky within the appropriate subforum outlining that information.

How do I start my own raid?

Please make a post in our New Raids section and include information that would be relevant to prospective raid members including: your proposed schedule, your roster so far and what you still need, and any additional rules you may have. Please make sure your raid meets the guidelines already outlined by our general policies. Once your raid gets off the ground, you can request your own subforum from an admin and are free to recruit in-channel to fill your roster.

How do I go about leaving an MCA raid I'm in?

Sometimes things just come to an end. Like a relationship in real life, there are certain "etiquettes" to be respected.

Ya know, she gives you the whole "It was fun, but its just not working any more..." speech or maybe even the classic "It's not you, it's me" and everyone sheds a tear, but in the end, you help her get her stuff together and move into her new apartment next to the 6'3" millionaire male model.

In MCA, we would like a similar amount of respect here too (ok we don't have any male models... well maybe Byte). If you HAVE to leave a raid, we will miss you, heck, for some of you, MCA is longer than any relationship you've had with a girlfriend/boyfriend.

So heres a little list of things you could do to help us (your dearly separating partner) in our time of need as we lose the best thing that ever happened to us :

1."Hey hunny this isn't going to work, but how about one for the road?"
Let us know as soon as you do. The further ahead of time we know about it, the more likely we are to be able to find a replacement, and help you move on smoothly. If you have to leave on short notice, we'll be ok with it, but LET US KNOW.

2. "I'm out of here, but remember my friend you were eyeing the other night in the bar? she thinks you're cute."
Try and find a replacement for yourself. If you have a friend or know someone interested, let the appropriate captain/raid leader know. If you're moving to another mca raid, thats cool, maybe someone from that raid would like to do the appropriate switch. Raid continuity is vital to raid progression, this is extremely important to all MCA raids.

3."Ok I'm outta here, but I paid the electric and cable, and the rent is paid for the next month! have fun!!"
Clear up any other issues you have with members of the raid. Personal, financial, any of that stuff, if you leave on good terms, you may find that if you have to come back in the future, we'll be a lot more agreeable.

4."and don't forget to give me back my black t-shirt"
Of course, everyone has their bad break-ups, stuff just gets said, everyone gets unhappy and the split happens... well to those of you who this applies to, I'll still be sorry to see you go, doesnt matter who you are, you are a valuable asset to us, and no one wants to see you go, every departure, no matter how small, is a little less that the alliance has to draw on.

How do I get things from the bank?

MCA raid banks are managed individually by the respective raid leader. To request materials in the bank, please approach the raid leader.

Get an item crafted by another MCA member / get listed as an MCA crafter?

The best way to get a particular piece of gear crafted is to look at the "Professions" thread or ask on the /mcalliance channel if anyone is capable of making that particular item. MCA members will never charge another MCA member a crafting fee (tips are okay).

How should I resolve an issue between me and another MCA member?

Unfortunately, personality conflicts and bad apples do exist. If the issue is of a social nature:

Step 1: Talk to the person yourself. Many issues can be solved with a little understanding and the occasional apology.

Step 2: If that doesn't work, ask yourself whether this is an issue that *everyone* should have with this player, or whether it is a private dispute between the two of you. If it is an issue everyone should know (e.g. the person ninja looted something on your raid, intentionally caused a wipe, etc), take screenshots of the incident and any subsequent conversations, and contact their captain or the raid leader with your proof. If the issue should have them banned from MCA, their captain or raid leader will take the appropriate action. Personal issues bought forth will be treated with the utmost respect. If necessary, we will discuss it with the colelctive mca leadership and take any action as necessary.

Step 3: If it is a private dispute between you and this person, try your best to keep it out of everyone else's way. This means putting the person on /ignore if necessary, and keeping all accusations out of /mcalliance, the forums, and the class channels. If you can't resolve your differences and feel you need to switch raids to get away from them, talk to your captain. Continued sniping on the /mcalliance channel may result in you both getting kicked or banned.

If you come across an MCA member who is breaking Blizzard's terms of service (botting, movement hacks, etc.), report it directly to a GM. MCA does not condone breaking Blizzard's rules.