Finding a Raid 101

New to the site and want to know what to do, where to go, and who to talk to?
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Mon, 01 Nov 2010 10:50 -0700

Finding a Raid 101 - All you need to know to securing a spot in an MCA raid

Step 1: Get familiar with the MCA forums and policies. If you're here, congratulations! You're already on the path to finding a raid. Once here, be sure to read How to Join for the basics on subscribing to the forums, joining our chat channel, and setting yourself up with the right mods. When you're finished, make sure you're familiar with our invite policy and loot system. We'd love it if you introduced yourself in the Intros & Apps area.

Step 2: Join us in-game. Please join our chat channel, /mcalliance, so we can get to know you and your character(s). While the forums are vital for communication, this channel is where the recruitment actually happens. Running heroics with other MCA members is a good way to woo them with your pleasant attitude and impressive skills. Don't be shy about volunteering for dungeons or raid spots if you feel you can be an asset to the group.

Step 3: Set your sights on a particular raid. Check the Master Schedule to see what raids we offer, and narrow down your interest to a raid or two whose time you can make, and for which your gear and experience level is appropriate. If you are a fresh 80 or new to raiding -- never fear! There are usually some farming or low-content raids you can start in to get a leg up if you are hoping to eventually do more.

Step 4: Contact the right people. Once you've determined what raid you're interested in, now you need to reach out and get your name out there. Put up a post in that raid's subforum letting them know you want to come if there is space. Look up who the raid leader is (or appropriate captain) in the raid's General Info thread, and send them a PM introducing yourself and expressing interest. Ask about getting on the calendar, even if it is just as 'standby.' Raid leaders remember the people who are motivated enough to contact them.

Step 5: Follow-through. If you volunteer to sub, make sure you are around to do so. When invites are beginning, make sure you are online, in channel, repaired, stocked with consumables, unlocked, and otherwise prepared. Do your homework on what content will be played that evening and become familiar with the fights if you aren't already. Whisper the raid leader, captain or person handling invites and let them know you are available for your role that evening if there is space (don't hesitate to tell them that you read about the fights or that you are already at the summoning stone). Don't log off or switch characters until you've secured a spot or the raid fills without you. If you don't get in this week, be graceful and thank the person handling invites for consideration and let them know you'll talk to them again next raid night.

Step 6: Be persistent. Whether you get a spot or not on that first night, don't give up there. Make a point to be available as much as possible every raid night for that particular raid. Even if the raid doesn't have a space for you on a given run, your interest and enthusiasm go a long way at getting you preference when a spot is available. Oftentimes, a raid may desire to work you into the roster but may be unable to do immediately. It is seldom that a person who is strongly motivated to join a raid does not eventually get to run with them, and it is even rarer still that a regular sub does not eventually earn a reserved spot.