Using The Forums & In-Game Channel **READ ME!**

New to the site and want to know what to do, where to go, and who to talk to?
*** READ ME ***

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Using The Forums & In-Game Channel

Register with the forums

You must register with the forums and subscribe to the MCA user group in order to have full reading and posting access. Follow these steps to do so:

1. Complete the Registration Page
2. Agree to the ULA
3. Follow the prompts. Please register using a name we would recognize you by in-game.
4. Access Your Control Panel
5. Go to Usergroups / Edit Membership (left column)
6. Select MCA Member and hit submit.

Once we have verified you are not a pRon bot we will approve you to the usergroup and you will have access and be able to post.

Forum Rules
  • If thread content is not PG-13 or milder, label the thread with a [NSFW] warning.
  • Please address personal issues and conflicts via Private Messages with the relevant parties or the leadership.
  • Please regularly check your raid's subsection of the forums for information and updates.
Join our in game Chat Channel

MCAlliance channel is open to all current and aspiring MCA members. All players who raid with MCA should join the channel on at least their raiding character, although alts are welcome as well.

Type /join MCAlliance in-game to access the channel.

MCAlliance Channel rules:
  • Please keep chat PG-13 or milder.
  • The /mcalliance channel is wonderful for finding competent groups, but please withhold your LFG requests when an MCA raid is scheduled to start within the next half an hour. LFG requests may resume when the raid is either full, or it is 30 minutes past the scheduled raid start time.
  • Please do not advertise for a non-MCA-sponsored raid on the /mcalliance channel.
  • Personal issues between MCA members should be dealt with in private or through the MCA leadership, not on the /mcalliance channel.
  • Channel spam of any kind will not be tolerated.
Repeat violations of these rules may result in kicking or banning from the /mcalliance channel.[/quote]