MCA Raid Invite Policy

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To promote progress, MCA offers players a chance to achieve “reserved status” for each raid. Reserved status has many benefits: invite priority to your raid, access to materials in the MCA raid bank, and sometimes it offers priority on particular loot drops. To achieve reserved status for a raid, there must be a reserved spot open for your class and it must meet the approval of the your raid leader.

MCA’s raid invite policies are designed to keep each raid running smoothly, punctually and efficiently. MCA’s invite policy favors reserved members, as they have put the most time and effort into their team, and because their consistency has a great affect on the speed of a raid's progress.

Reserved status for one MCA raid will not affect your status for other MCA raids; you must earn reserved status in each raid independently.

Membership within a 25-man raid requires the attendance of four of the prior six raid nights. You must be in the instance and ready at the scheduled start time, and you must stay until the scheduled end time for your attendance to count towards meeting reserved. Raid leaders may add additional requirements; please see specific raid forums for details.

Ten-man and farming raids may have varied invite policy at the discretion of the raid leader. Please check the raid’s particular forum to get details.

Invite Schedule

30 minutes prior to raid start time: The raid leader begins invites for reserved raiders. He or she may choose to assign captains to assist him. Anyone planning to raid should be in the /mcalliance channel and their class channels (if applicable), should be fully repaired, and should be adequately stocked with reagents and consumables. If the raid leader knows ahead of time that a reserved member will not be coming or there are definitely open spots, they may invite non-reserved replacement subs at this time.

10 minutes prior to raid start time: The raid is no longer required to hold spots for reserved members. At this point, the raid leader may choose to replace missing members with any available subs. It is at the raid leader’s discretion whether to continue holding these spots for a reserved member they know will be late.

Scheduled raid start time: All raiders should be inside the instance, on Ventrilo, buffed, and ready for the first pull.

Q&A on invites:

Why didn’t I get invited to the raid I wanted?

There are several possibilities.

Did you contact the appropriate raid leader ahead of time, so they knew you wanted to go? Remember, if you want to sub, it is up to you to make contact with the raid leader. Do you have all the appropriate mods? Are you in the /mcalliance channel?

It is also possible the raid was full on your particular class or role. Sometimes a raid is faced with several candidates for a spot and has to make a judgment call. Raid leaders will often take into consideration your prior history with the raid or with MCA, class & spec, gear, your reliability, your maturity, how well you play, and sometimes just whether they recognize your name or not. The best way to meet other people on your raid team is to spend time on /mcalliance, do some 5-man instances with other MCA members, and participate on the forums.

My wife/roommate/parrot and I are both looking for a raid; can we join yours?

While MCA does have several husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, parent/child, and roommate pairs who raid together, we cannot always guarantee there will be two spots of the right combination for your characters. If you want to either raid together or not at all, tell your raid leader that when you first contact them to see if anything can be worked out.

What if I have to come late or miss a raid?

If you know ahead of time you will be late or you will miss a raid, tell your raid leader through private message or through the raid’s message forum. If you will be late for the invites but will still be on time for the raid, the raid may choose to hold a spot for you, but this is at the discretion of the raid leader.

If you will miss the raid entirely, the raid leader may chose to invite a non-reserved person right away, which gives them more time to prepare for the raid. You may offer suggestions (and some raid leaders prefer this), but who will function as your replacement is at their discretion.

Players will never be involuntarily removed from the raid once invited unless there is a behavioural or connection problem. If you come an hour late and there is still a spot, your raid leader may choose to offer it to you, but they are not permitted to kick a non-reserved person from the raid to make space for you. Special arrangements may be made with someone to temporarily replace you part time, but this must be prearranged and approved by both the raid leader and the sub.

Please think of the other people in your raid like you would friends for any social engagement. IE, “I will be out of town for a week” is a valid reason to skip out on a commitment with your friends or your date, but “I want to watch TV tonight instead” is not. If your raid leader feels you are missing raids without valid reason, they may speak with you about correction.

I had an emergency come up . . .

Emergencies do happen. The power goes out, internet connections go down, and people do get sick (yes, we've even had someone's kitchen catch on fire in the middle of a raid). If you have to miss a raid without advance notice, contact your captain or raid leader as soon as possible to let them know. Late is better than never. You don’t have to share all the details of your stomach flu, but your raid leader may question your reliability if you unexpectedly miss several raids without explanation.

What if my work schedule changes and I can’t make all the raids?

If there are schedule changes in your life that will affect your reliability, please tell your raid leader. Sometimes they are able to find a temporary replacement or someone to share your spot. Sometimes, you may lose reserved status until your schedule changes back. If possible, MCA may to fit you into a different MCA raid that is more appropriate to your new schedule. If you’re a responsible and reliable player, we do want to keep you around!