MCA Raid Loot Policy

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The MCA uses a version of the Ni Karma loot system for all progression 25-man raids. For 10-man raids, farming raids and impromptu special circumstances raids, the raid leader may choose any loot system as long as it is clearly posted beforehand.

MCA Standard Karma Loot Rules
  • Karma is awarded as follows:
    • +5 karma for being on time - Awarded at start of raid
    • +5 karma per hour of the raid - Awarded at end of raid
    • +5 karma for first boss kills of the raid - Awarded at end of raid
  • When asked to declare on an item you are interested in, send the Master Looter a /tell of only "bonus" or "nobonus", and /roll when told to.
  • Only those within 50 karma of the highest karma score can roll. If you bid "nobonus" your karma score for the roll is 0.
  • The Ni Karma System adds your karma score to your /roll (1-100 + bonus) when you bid "bonus" and uses your normal roll (1-100) when you "nobonus".
  • If you win and are using your karma bonus, you lose half your karma rounded down to the nearest multiple of 5.
  • There is no karma loss if you don't use your bonus or don't win.
  • If you are the only bidder of any type for an item, there is no karma cost even if you did bid bonus.
  • Karma scores are kept separately for each character, raid, and tier of raid content.
  • The raid leader may designate particularly rare or desirable items to be allocated not using the standard karma rules. Any such items must be designated beforehand as well as the method to be used to allocate them. However they are allocated, karma is spent as usual by the person receiving them. Legendary items always fall into this category and are distributed by loot council.
Bind on Equip Items
  • BoE items are awarded according to the standard karma rules except as follows:
    • BoE items must be equipped when acquired. Acquiring BoE items for sale is not acceptable.
    • If you are asked to bring an alt by the raid leader, you are allowed to bid on BoE items for your main character using your main's karma.
    • If no one present in the raid wants a BoE item, with either a bonus or nobonus bid, then the item goes to the raid bank. Items in the raid bank are distributed at the raid leader's discretion.
Crafting Patterns and Materials
  • Crafting patterns are awarded according to the standard karma rules except as follows:
    • Reserved raid members have priority on patterns that create BoE items that they have the skill to learn. This includes enchants, gem cuts, or anything else that may be applied to another character.
    • Crafters who get a recipe in this way are expected to make these items for free for any members of the raid when provided the materials.
  • Crafting materials are distributed as decided by the raid leader.
Karma Transfers
  • When asked to bring an alt by the raid leader you may request that the karma earned by the alt be transferred to your main character.
  • Karma transfers must occur outside of raid time.
  • The entire karma score may be transferred from one character to another with extreme rarity, such as once per calendar year, under certain provisions including:
    • The receiving character has already built a substantial attendance history. No transfers are allowed to a character raiding for the first time.
    • The raid leader believes the receiving character contributes to a better raid composition than the donating character.
  • For any karma transfer, only karma earned since the last time the receiving character spent karma may be transferred in full. At the raid leader's discretion, karma that was earned beforehand may also be transferred. However, any transferred karma must be reduced by 1/2 for each time the receiving character spent karma since the transferred karma was earned.
  • Karma may be transferred for a character moving between raids at the same tier with both raid leaders' approval.
  • Karma transfer between tiers is never allowed.