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Tue, 17 Jul 2018 04:23 -0700

The old chat community is depreciated now by with the addition of in-game communities. You can now join MCA on any of your Alliance characters.
  1. Hit default "J" hotkey or go to Guilds & Communities window
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the left sidebar and select "Join or Create Community"
  3. In the Join Community field at the bottom, enter the code LbAzMFL0x (that's a zero)
  4. Click "Add to Chat Window" at the bottom of the new window to add the new community back as a regular chat channel.
  5. You can then safely leave the old channel since it will be redundant (and mostly just used for me spamming my macros to get people over to the new community).
Congrats, you're now a member of the new community!

You will need to rejoin on all your alts, but on the plus side you can now access MCA even outside of Feathermoon (as long as you're on an Alliance character). The channel also now includes voice communication (for impromptu groups), notifications, and the ability to set up calendar invites through the group to aid with cross-server players.
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