Strategy: Anub'Arak

(10-man raid)
Formerly Known as MCA 1.1

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Ano will tank the adds way the hell over there away from us and on permafrost, and ranged will kill them. Ktulu will be our permafrost maker since he can pull them down pretty easily (though after he's dropped some permafrost for Ano he'll help with the adds). During p2 everyone's first priority is to get away from Anub'Arak, and after that to DPS the bug adds down. Not getting spiked is nice, too. These two phases will repeat until we start p3. If we still have nerubian adds up when that starts, we kill them and then pop Heroism; otherwise we go straight for Heroism and squish the bug like we're a giant shoe while Phin grumbles and casts PoH and Kor and I heal as we can. Only the main tank is going to be at full health, most likely -- since the damage the debuff does is related to your current health, that will lessen the load on the healers. Don't panic.

Then we get loot!
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Mordred's a-hungry!
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