hm, no thread for this week...

(10-man raid)
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Wed, 21 Oct 2009 09:43 -0700

I had to use Maggen last night to tank for my raid because Han was gone, so she is locked into TOC and Onyxia 10. I figured you guys wouldn't be too upset since it seems like you have five billion a warriors with a prot spec lying around.

If you need me to sub tonight (assuming I am around, which has lately been the case), I can offer one of my other dudes. Healer or DPS, whatever.

Aryeh, Tziva and Merapeh are all unlocked for 10man TOC and Onyxia.
Maggen, Aryeh and Tziva are all unlocked to 10man Ulduar.

BTW, I told him to speak to you, but Branford is looking for a ten man raid. I recommended you guys (although I admit, if you didn't have space, I'd gladly steal him for To 11). If you can fit him in tonight instead, you should totally do that. He's better than me :P
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Wed, 21 Oct 2009 10:43 -0700

We have a lot of spots open at the moment. That said, we can probably glare at Elsucio until he switches specs if necessary.

As far as the thread for this week, that's 'cause I'm a bum and tend to do 'em Wednesday mornings when I get up, and I'm just now getting up. Only benefit of being unemployed is the hours. ^_^
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