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Raid 5/15

Posted: Thu, 12 May 2011 07:59 -0700
by Orin
Current plan:
1. Start at Bastion. Kill Wyrmbreaker and the twins.
2. Next to BWD. Take out Magmaw, Tron Council, Maloriak, Chimaeron.
3. Learn Atrameides.

Note: If we get Atrameides down this week, we will look at the Bastion Council fight.

REMINDER: put up your wish lists!

I will not yet post a full roster, but I will post our regulars for loot purposes (in no meaningful order).

1. Orin
2. Ilyenia
3. Korhath
4. Stoneweaver
5. Elsucio
6. Silversirea
7. Dukat
8. Stympi
9. Feandah (grats!)

Sub: Gwen

Obviously we've been having attendance issues, and so I will begin administering whippings(j/k). Since our weakness is a missing 3rd healer, I'm leveling alternatives to fill things out, since DPS is as ever a dime a dozen. I've got two 81s so far (Fiad and Lightsear) and depending on how things go with Gwen and Stympi we'll have a druid or a priest to pick from. Gwen is available Sunday, but then out for a week. We should be able to pick them up again when they get back. If anyone hears from Stympi, could they let me know? I've had no responses from him as of yet.