raid: 6/7 and 6/12

(10-man raid)
Formerly Known as MCA 1.1

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Tue, 07 Jun 2011 01:07 -0700

Current plan:
1. Start at Descent. Go through Atramedes.
2. Next to Bastion. Take out Halfus and the Twins
3. Learn Twilight Council.

If the Council falls, we go to Cho'gall.

REMINDER: put up your wish lists!

I will not yet post a full roster, but I will post our regulars for loot purposes (in no meaningful order).

1. Orin
2. Ilyenia
3. Korhath
4. Stoneweaver
5. Elsucio
6. Silversirea
7. Feandah
8. Park (grats!)
Sub: Gwen, Josape, Souptruck, Kynkaid, Saphia (Sunday Only)

I've got Light mostly ready for Disc healing -- still practicing Holy healing and rounding out 342+ gear, but he's at our raid minimums for healing a raid. I'm still working on mana efficiency with him, but that may take time. If we're short a healer and souptruck isn't available Light will be the go-to.

I've recruited a few subs, as attendance for some of us has been shaky. Kynkaid helped out Sunday with his pally tank -- which was a solid job, by the way. I'll be levelling Fiad next to ensure we always have a crucial role that can be filled and then just pull in DPS to cover.

So far I've been having us go to Descent first, as there's still things there some of us want before Nefarian. That said, if folks feel our first day would be better spent on the shorter track to Council until they're down, feel free to let me know and we'll swap days or something similar.

Park is now a regular, and of this week gets his free weekly need. :)

oh, and strats for Twilight Council: ... re=related
Feel free to bone up when you have a few minutes. The worst problem we had was getting hit with the wrong debuff right before an AoE went off, which was pretty deadly. the second worst was aggro control. I may shake up the council fights DPS balance to allow me to put TotT on the tank as needed as insurance, as temporary as that is.

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