4.2: Raid 6/28 and 7/3

(10-man raid)
Formerly Known as MCA 1.1

Moderators: Orin, MCA Moderator

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What do we do this week?

Raid Firelands if we can get on.
Raid Bastion and kill Cho'gall now that he's nerfed.
No votes
Trash runs in Firelands until this week settles down.
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F-it. Tuesday's patch day and Sunday's practically 4th of July.
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Total votes: 4
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Sun, 26 Jun 2011 11:35 -0700

Current plan:
1. Log in.
2. Do whatever we're voting to do.

This week is a wonky week in general, with Ilye travelling on Tuesday and a convention going on this week for me, plus the whole 4th fo July weekend thing. You have to admit, opening the Firelands the week before the US celebrates with Fireworks is amusing.

I will not yet post a full roster, but I will post our regulars for loot purposes (in no meaningful order).

1. Orin
2. Ilyenia
3. Korhath
4. Stoneweaver
5. Elsucio
6. Feandah
7. Park
Sub: Gwen, Souptruck, Anolethros, Saphia (Sunday Only)

With churn, we'll need to look at refilling some spots. Hopefully we can find them relatively quickly, but we've lost Kynkaid to RL and Silver to another raid. If anyone knows of folks who would be good to flesh out our missing slots, that would be excellent. Since this week is so odd I'm not adverse to taking a week off; with patch day being avoided and knowing we'll probably have quite a few folks trying to balance RL 4th of July celebrations and family visits with raid.

Also: if you need an enchant or gear, talk to myself, Eli or Stone. We'll get the mats to you on a raid night.

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Mon, 27 Jun 2011 05:20 -0700

At the very least, we should kill a Molten Lord in the instance so that Kor (our only reserved dps caster) can start on the legendary quest chain. Alternatively, he'd need to kill one of the big three of T11 - Cho'gall, Nefarian, or Al'akir. The Molten Lord would be more accessible, even if we took a shorter time period. Even if we don't gather up enough for 9-man to do it, because of rep, it's likely that we'd be able to find enough MCA members to fill in - or if we don't plan on doing anything, Kor could grab a spot with another raid for this week, if only for a bit of trash. It appears that the Eternal Embers for the first collection portion of the quest don't drop unless someone in the raid is on the proper quest. They are completely separate from the Living Embers that are the new crafting material.

The fact that Eternal Embers are currently not tagged as BoP and are tagged as refundable, just like the Living Embers, is causing some confusion right now, even from people on the PTR. A bit confusing compared to the last legendary quest chain, which did use the crafting material.
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Tue, 28 Jun 2011 10:33 -0700

I'd say go for tier 12 if the server is stable... I'd come on the alt just for the experience to bring into my own raid. But its not my raid. I imagine Korhath would bring any similar experience to his other raid as well.
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