Shannox fun facts.

(10-man raid)
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Since he's pretty much the first boss we're going to reliably go against - he spawns when a certain amount of trash is cleared, then paths around the center - here's a few things I've found out about the guy and his little dogs.

They're untauntable. All 3 of them. Yeah. Which means you can't just taunt him off to clear the bleed stack he applies. Every so often, he throws his spear at Ripfang, which keeps him from being able to apply the bleed. Ripfang then goes to get the spear, and carries it back to Shannox. Of course, while he's doing this, he can't apply his identical bleed as well. The spear makes a pretty fire spiral when it hits, which looks cool, but is bad to stand in.

Rageface randomly noms on people, and will occasionally do Face Rage (which shows up as a debuff, so healers can watch out for it) and will nom on someone, damage increasing, until they are dead, or someone hits him for 30k in one hit. He does give you a 50% crit strike bonus, so it is easier to hit him for that much. You still need a reliable 15k+ hit, though.

Shannox also tosses traps about, so watch your feet. One is red - this is Crystal Prison, which is like an ice trap, and one of those tombs we saw against Sindragosa, or the bubble against the water elemental in Halls of Origination. Except it has ~2 million hp. The other is orange, and is an immolation trap. It slaps a fire dot on whoever walks over it. Both dogs can trip traps, and rogues can disarm them. However, if a dog steps in a trap, for about 25 seconds they get a Wary buff, which keeps them for tripping traps. Dogs will eventually melt their way out of a Crystal Prison - which is conveniently long enough for a bleed stack to drop off.

If a dog dies, Shannox gets a 30% frenzy (attack speed/damage increase), and it stacks, so when both are dead, it's 60%. If Shannox goes below 30% while either dogs is alive, they get REALLY angry, and nom people faster. Dragging Shannox too far away from either dog grants the dogs a 100% damage buff. Bad.

Basic strategy is to get Shannox to close to 30% before killing both dogs. Of course, you have to manage bleeds and Rageface while doing this.

Expanded strategy has the ranged in the center of whatever area you're working in. I'd be a little spread out, so that you can more easily see traps if they spawn at your feet. Shannox will be tanked ~30yds away, and Riplimb the same, but on the opposite side. When Shannox throws his spear, the Riplimb tank will need to move away from where the spear hits so that Riplimb will take longer to retrieve it. Directly towards Shannox is fine, just remember to move back. If possible, managing to make Riplimb run over a Crystal Prison lets the healers breathe easier for a bit. Riplimb is slowable, so hitting him with a movement speed debuff is awesome. The easiest way to deal with Rageface is just to kill him right away. He's untankable and changes targets randomly, so in interests of healer sanity it's best to just kill him. 30% more damage one target (the Shannox tank) is more preferable to both tanks taking damage and someone at random in the raid. It also keeps you from that helpless feeling of being nommed to death. After Rageface is dead, DPS works on Shannox until close to 30%. I'm leaning more towards switching at 35-40%, just because of dots and tank dps, since Vengeance will be pretty high at that point.

Once Riplimb is dead, Shannox will then chuck the spear at his feet, again causing the pretty fire spiral (which is BAD), but also causing everyone in the raid to take 40% more fire damage for 1 minute. Since he's untauntable, he pretty much turns into Chimeron phase 2. Except there's healing going on. And the occasional pretty fire spiral (of DEATH). And traps.

Revised basic strategy - Kill Rageface. Get Shannox ~35%. Kill Riplimb. Kill Shannox. Avoid death. Grab loots.
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