Raid: 7/19 and 7/24

(10-man raid)
Formerly Known as MCA 1.1

Moderators: Orin, MCA Moderator

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Mon, 18 Jul 2011 05:32 -0700

Current plan:
1. Shannox and trash
2. Previous-tier work.

Kor has pointed out we're still a bit sparse in our gearing and that getting us out of all of our 345s is a good idea. With that in mind, we'll be downing Shannox and building Avengers Rep. We'll also be going back and chewingon both Nefarian and Cho'gall in particular so we can get those last few pieces cleaned up. If you have a specific boss you need for a piece of gear now's the time to say it.

As of now, we have roughly a full roster with two subs.

1. Orin
2. Ilyenia
3. Korhath
4. Stoneweaver
5. Elsucio
6. Feandah
7. Park
8. Gwenythe
9. Anolethros
10. Gurrney
Sub: Souptruck, Quin.

Gurrney's a regular assuming he shows Tuesday. :)
We do have subs, but they are both East coast and I worry about leaning on them too heavily, as we have in the last few weeks. While I can raid to 2-3am, I know I'm not the sharpest at the end of it.

Look over your gear, look over your spec. I'd like to see if you can find any holes in your rotations any enchantments you need to take care of, gems that could be replaced. Do what you can to get those gear upgrades and I'll help where I can. I'll try to be on a bit more often in the later evening so I can help folks do instances and earn points for immediate upgrades. Hit Elitist Jerks and other sources to see where you can eak out more in your numbers -- that's healing and threat/avoidance/mitigation as well as DPS, depending on your role. Firelands will be doing us no favors in the future, and while we're not a hardcore progression raid and never will be I'm encouraging folks to double-check their gear and such to ensure we're getting the most out of what we have or can get quickly. Find a buddy you trust in the spec you use in raiding and go over things with them if you have time. Or even just look at their build and gear in the armory and see where you differ and how that matters if at all.

Also: if you need an enchant or gear, talk to myself, Eli or Stone. We'll get the mats to you on a raid night.

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Sun, 24 Jul 2011 03:58 -0700

We should all be in solid 346's from heroics and JP blues, mostly. If anyone isn't, please pick up a few heroics as you can. 359s is a different case -- there could still be a few slots missing from that level of gearing just because the RNG hates you.
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