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(10-man raid)
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Wed, 21 Sep 2011 09:01 -0700 (done from the Prot Warrior viewpoint) ... -staghelm/

Enjoy! Final strat will come from Kor as always, but this will get you familiar with what you have to deal with.

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Wed, 21 Sep 2011 11:04 -0700

Staghelm should be killed before Burning Orbs occur now post nerf due to the reduction in his health being as significant as it is. With the reduction in damage, it's conceivable for raids even without a strong series of cooldowns to be able to go to around 12-13 stacks of adrenaline. With a similar healer configuration we were using our cooldowns to reach that point, however with a 25% damage nerf it is effectively like you were always under the effect of a Power Word: Barrier now by comparison. Raids with signficant cooldowns could probably get upwards around 20 stacks of adrenaline however you'd still want to spread out sooner than that simply due to the fact that the delay is shortened (and if the delay is too short for you to spread in time, half the raid is hit by a Flame Scythe and killed).

Adrenaline contrary to the buff text does not result in exactly a 20% decrease in time, rather it plateaus at certain values. Stacks 8-10 all result in about 4.85 seconds between casts while stacks 11 and 12 result in 3.66 seconds between casts (I don't know beyond that). The three and a half seconds is sufficient time for the raid to spread out, however whatever the next plateau may be may result in insufficient time to spread out so the hard limit on how high you can go and survive may be something like 13 or 14.

With the 25% nerf, I'd actually recommend for anyone doing this with three healers to go for at least 13 Flame Scythes on the first Scorpion phase. Cooldowns may still be used in this phase though with the damage nerf they may likely not be needed. During the third Scorpion phase cooldowns would be available again if used on the first allowing you to once again go higher in stacks. With the nerfed health pool it is very likely that the boss would be killed during the third Scorpion phase prior to the Burning Orb phase.

A typically encounter post nerf I'd expect to see something like:

Heroism/Time Warp likely being used in either the first or third Scorpion phases. These numbers of 12-8-8-8-10 stacks of adrenaline would result in the boss dying with comparable DPS to that required to kill Baleroc pre-nerf which basically means any raid that was killing Baleroc pre-nerf is likely to be able to kill Staghelm post-nerf without entering a Burning Orb phase.
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