Raid: 1/3 and 1/8

(10-man raid)
Formerly Known as MCA 1.1

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Mon, 02 Jan 2012 01:08 -0800

So, this is what we have. We're doing Firelands Tuesday, with a heaping helping of DragonSoul Sunday.

Current roster in no particular order.

1. Orin
2. Ilyenia
3. Korhath
4. Stoneweaver
5. Dulcea
6. Feandah
7. Park
8. Cristania
9. Quin
Sub: Weengnut, Dregoul
Weeng may or may not be about, but Dreg will cover the dear, departed Soup's role as tank.

For now the roster's kinda full, assuming everyone's able to show 2 days after new year's.
And yes, even though Kor might not get anything off him we will be ganking Rags unless no one wants anything off him.

Citrus Samaritan
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