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Mon, 05 Jan 2015 10:13 -0800

Attached is a modified version of BalanceSpellSuggest addon that includes in it the LibBalancePowerTracker library for future energy state and uses that for showing it's recommended spell (not recommending on current state but future state).

I added a configuration option to disable the suggestion to use Celestial Alignment (3 minute cooldown) cause I find you should never have an addon tell you a cooldown that long (you may want to save it for a short while, i.e. for heroism).

It still has the limitations that you need to set thresholds for where you want the spells to flip and when you want to refresh DoTs. It can be a little off if you use Celestial Alignment at the end of an Eclipse instead of before one (ideally you should use it in Lunar but before Lunar Eclipse).

You should get the BalancePowerTracker addon as well to better gauge what you want to set your thresholds at however since this version is effectively telling you what to press "next" rather than what to press "now" it is generally more accurate and nets you a decent DPS boost for not wasting casts on the wrong spell already being queued up.
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