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1. Warlock/Destro (0/13/58)/2462 armor score with raid gear, some ToC10 gear, all Conquest badge gear

SP: 2562 w/Fel armor buff only
DPS: I hit anywhere from 3.5 - 4.8k depending on fights in raids (3.8 - 4k on dummy w/o raid buffs)

Various bosses in Naxx 25, Uld 10 and 25, downed Ony in 10 and 25 mode several times, OS w/one dragon up
Up to Twin Val'kyr in ToC10

My history consists of being in guilds where I was always high on DPS list, but the groups as a whole could not handle the content, very frustrating. I'm a very competent and mature older player looking for more success in raiding, I love to raid and progress. Just started playing again in August after taking a break since a couple months after BC came out. Before that I had cleared MC, BWL, and parts of the original Naxx when it was in the Plaguelands and actually tough. Just haven't found a good, consistent group to run with since I started back in WotLK.

2. Your available times.
I'm available most weekend nights, weekdays vary with work and school loads, but if I say I will be there, you can count on it.

3. What you're after.
Making as much progress in the game as possible in 10 or 25 man modes. Currently would love to do Uld 25, Uld 10 hard modes, ToC 10/25 and move on as my gear allows.

4. Anything else relevant you think we might need to know.
I'm reliable, a quick learner, and can easily adapt to new strategies. My cookies taste delicious and my summons make people happy! :) If you have any other questions, just ask.
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Welcome to the MCA.... feel free to look around the site in the getting started area where you will find
rules, loot systems and other fun things, along with a master raid list. We have our own channel in game
so when your on feel free to /join Mcalliance and got to know everyone. We use it for looking for subs for our
10 and 25 man MCA approved raids as well as 5-man or old school fun. The best way to get to know us is just
join and say Hi.

Lately we have been needing people for our weekend raid named Bruce Campbell
we run firday 7-10 and sat 6-10 invites are always 30mins before start time. Hope to see you in game and channel.

Live life how you like, not for other people.
Have fun in life and in game.
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Fri, 13 Nov 2009 07:48 -0800

Unit S is a 10 man running Wednesday 6-9
We'll be running Onyxia and ToC until 3.3, and thereafter a mix of Icecrown, the weekly raid, and Ulduar hard modes.
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