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Sun, 22 Nov 2009 03:26 -0800

No forum is complete without the generic 'introduce yourself' post, eh?

1. Class/Spec/Relevant gear details for your class.
Starting with the basics, I’m a Survival hunter who is appropriately geared for Ulduar 10 and 25-mans and probably alright for 10-man Trial of the Crusader (though I wouldn’t recommend myself for Grand Crusader just yet). The majority of my gear is a mix of ilvl 219 and 226 gear, with a couple of lower-level trinkets and three 245 pieces. At the moment my average DPS in a 10-man is about 3.8k, while in the rare 25-man it occasionally reaches 5.4k depending on my buffs.

2. Your available times.
This is where I’m not sure if I’d be able to fit in or not: I’m Australian, and hence a day ahead of most raid times. I’m mostly not available to raid on Fridays and Saturdays (weekend for me), however at the moment I’m free to raid Mondays from 5pm to 10pm server, as well as Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5 to 11.

3. What you're after.
Above all else, I’m looking to experience content in a friendly raid environment where everyone is there to have a good time. Gear-wise, I’m mostly putting together my Tier 9 set and picking up other bits and pieces, but gear isn’t what concerns me the most.

What I am looking for is a semi-regular spot in an Ulduar raid which is willing to consistently attempt hard modes. I don’t care whether it is 10-man or 25-man (Although a 25-man would probably be better, as I already run a 10-man semi-regularly with some friends), I just want to be able to experience the content, because now that TotC has come out, it is almost impossible for someone such as myself who normally PuGs to actually do hard modes: most PuGers just want to get the largest Emblem-to-Time-Invested ratio possible, and more often than not don’t even bother with a full clear, let alone hard modes. Blah.

That, and who the heck doesn’t want one of those awesome looking Rusted/Ironbound proto-drakes before they get removed?

4. Anything else relevant you think we might need to know.
I just completed twelfth grade a week and a half ago, and at the moment I am waiting on exam results to see which universities I am eligible for. Said results will not come until Christmas, so I’m looking to get into the raiding aspect of the game a bit more for about a month and a half. That, and I’m always looking to find new personalities and friends on Feathermoon’s wonderful server community!

Anyway, I’m just gonna hang tight and see if there’s anyone interested in bringing me along to a group, hope to be raiding with more people soon!
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Sun, 22 Nov 2009 03:50 -0800

Hey there!

I think most of our raids are spending more time in TOC than Ulduar right now, but you might check out Lithmir's Wednesday evening (server) raid. I know they are working on both. Unfortunately, all our 25man raids (which are doing Ulduar in some degree or another) have at least one day on the weekend, so check out the 10 mans :)

(if you're looking to farm badges, Bacon runs Naxx25 every Sunday evening)

Good luck!
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Sun, 22 Nov 2009 09:11 -0800

Yeah, like I said, it was the available times which are the biggest concern in my case, but either way I'm happy to sub when online. Thanks for the advice and warm welcome!
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Mon, 23 Nov 2009 01:22 -0800

Unit S was formed for the specific purpose of Ulduar hard modes, though we haven't actually taken a go at any hard modes yet. The raid only started a couple of weeks after ToC was released, and it was only sensible to clear everything normal first. We've done that now (Naxx through ToC) apart from Yogg, so we should be looking much more at hard modes and achievements when 3.3 comes. We'll be doing the weekly raids, so whenever the dice roll up something other than Icecrown, we should be doing it in some more challenging mode.
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