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Wed, 02 Dec 2009 09:51 -0800

Hiya, this is Esme, Essie, Almy, Alesme, Sida, etc... Eessie would be a newer 80 of mine, she's Prot main/Holy off. Prot stats: 35k hp unbuffed, def capped, 22% dodge, 21% parry, 10% block. Holy 2043sp, 27% crit, and 275 haste.

I currently raid 4 nights a week on Esme, so I'm not looking for another perm raid, just would mostly like to put my name into the hat as a sub for any MCA raid, my other toons are also about as equally as geared as the pally but Eessie would be the one I would want to offer up most. I've joined the in game channel in hopes that I could be of some assistance some times for you folks at least.

Esme, et all.
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Wed, 02 Dec 2009 10:37 -0800

Sounds good. This is certainly the time of year for subs too.

Plus plenty of daily heroic and VoA groups going all the time too if you need rep or badges on any of your guys. ;)

Welcome, see ya in channel!
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