Taseli (Resto/Balance Druid)

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Sat, 06 Mar 2010 10:34 -0800

1. Restoration Druid with Balance as second spec. In terms of gear, I am mostly badge and Ulduar10 geared. My gear is focused on healing and I do not have an ideal set for my balance spec as of yet. My resto spec is build more for raid healing and main tank healing.

2. I am available most Friday and Saturday evenings. I am also on through out the week as well. Thursdays and Sundays are not good though, since I run 10 mans with Shortbus those nights.

3. I'm looking to be a sub for Bruce currently.

4. - I enjoy seeing new content and learning new fights.
- I don't mind dieing repeatedly while learning bosses.
- I am an alchemist/herbalist.
- Silphia and Zharia said I should sign up.
- I raid for fun, but I am serious when an encounter is in progress.
- In real life I am a grad-student. So real life things like studying and working on projects are bound to come up. I will keep the raid informed of my availability as I know it.
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Sun, 07 Mar 2010 10:29 -0800

Did a great job for BC when she subbed in for us
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