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1. Warlock, any spec. I have gear suitable for any spec that I switch between to the best of the min/maxing I find effective. I favor affliction, but am willing to change specs for the good of the raid. Most of my gear is from Ulduar, that being the last raiding instance I ran. As such, all the gems in that gear are blue quality with the newer pieces getting epics.

2. I can be available any day of the week after 5:30 server except Saturdays. I prefer not to stay on much longer past 12 am server.

3. I'm looking for both a ten and twenty-five man ICC raid that fits into my schedule, though I am partial to Pie as I've run with them before and have friends in the raid.

4. I've been playing warlock since Vanilla. I know my class inside and out. Though much has changed in the three month break I took, I have looked at some of the top performing warlocks in the world to determine if my thoughts on the class and the viability of the various specs holds true. I also am an unrepentant altaholic so I am familiar with most specs of all classes except paladin and warrior, with my rogue knowledge being an expansion out of date beyond theorycrafting. I was the Officer in charge of dps performances for the brethren raid in BC and Naxx-Ulduar as well as co-leading the restructured raid under Calamity. I decided to take a break after seeing the utter failure of a raid that was ToC and the destruction of Calamity due to political manipulations.

Now that I've returned, I am eager to bury the minions of the Lich King as many times as it takes to keep them from springing forth again.
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