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Sat, 10 Apr 2010 08:49 -0700

Resto Shaman - Gear Score 5461/Wow Heroes 2962 (mostly 251 gear, 219 shield/232 bracers, chest, and pants)

Right now my availabilty is mostly open, but your raid times may be too late (My daughter is only 2mnths old, and ur raid times are right about the time I get her to sleep, so I need to sleep when she does). However, I would like to be considered for a sub position (in case u are all starting earlier then 8p server) until she gets under a more constant schedule, then I would LOVE to raid with u all full time.

I am looking for ICC 25 and ToC/ToGC 10/25 (I need a shield

My friends Gelivare and Tokahatti run with u all, and I hear great things about ur runs.

P.S. Nikitai (who just applied) is my husband, and I can vouch for him, the man's an awesome healer. Bias aside, I wouldn't let him apply if he sucked...lmao (jk)
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