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A little about me i have been playing wow since about a month after it came out and have not stoped playing... I have seen everything that the game has to offer besides cata content due to work. I am 29 years old live in Boise Idaho have a full time job that pays the bills so my time is limited. :)

1. Class/Spec/Relevant gear details for your class.
Rogue/Combat/ I have the first set of daggers and would very much so like to finsh the set :)

2. Your available times.
I can play Thursday Friday and Saturday nights i work Sunday Monday Tuesday and every other Wensdays

3. What you're after.
Like i said i would very much like to finsh the set of Daggers =D

4. Anything else relevant you think we might need to know.

When im in a raid i bring my A game and give it 110% I will wipe all night on a boss to lrean a new fight.

Will i hope to here from you all soon thanks for your consideration =D
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Tue, 06 Dec 2011 06:17 -0800

Welcome to the MCA ! The best way to get to know all of us is to /join mcachannel when in game. This is where we ask for subs for raids which is the best way to get on board with a raid, normally raid leaders invite 30mins before start time of raid so they may or not know then they need subs. We also use the channel for 5mans and old school raids .... or just having some fun. Feel free to read the getting started area if you have not yet it will give you an idea of how we work and our rules and such.
If you have questions feel free to ask, hope to see you in game =)


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