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Thu, 05 Mar 2009 09:06 -0800

I hate to do this to everyone but I would guess most of the people who are raiding with me are noticing I am getting a little worn around the edges. New job + commute = waking up at 6 am every weekday to get to work on time. My timezone means 10pm end times still = 7 hours of sleep tops.

5 nights a week of this or later means progressively grumpier Grafte, less productive Grafte and a very tired Grafte throughout the rest of my life. So I have decided that this raid will have to be the one I let go in order to have a night of sleep in the middle of the week. I would love to keep doing it, it's killing me to disapoint people because I think we have a great shot at getting 2 and 3 drakes down but I just can't keep it up.

Going in I told Han this was a possibility so I am leaving the raid in his very capable hands. Good luck to all of you on whatever you decide to do with it. I will be available for next week if possible, but I am planning on next week being my last.

Let's make it a awesome week, and get 2 drakes or at least Vesperon down.

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Thu, 05 Mar 2009 10:26 -0800

Well, thank you very much for running the raid as long as you did. You got your plate pretty full, so take care of yourself :)

Personally, between 3.1 coming, starting my own raid, and the uncertainty of Dragon Crusade's future, I wouldn't mind if we called the raid now with Grafte leaving. That said, if everyone else wants to continue, I'll happily stay on until everything shakes out in a month or two. I'm having a fun time.

Whether next week is our final run or our last chance with Grafte, I look forward to making it a good one :)
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