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Sat, 04 Apr 2009 10:10 -0700

I've done legacy raiding in the past with several people from MCA. Its proven quite fun, lead to a lot of jokes, fun times, interesting RP experiences, and some very funny wipes. I'd like to see if there is any interest in continuing raiding old world content.
As of right now; there is dead AQ40 raid established and lead weekly by Rodyl that I would like to necromance it to let more people see the instance, get achievements, gear, rep, etc.

I am also looking for interest in doing MC, BWL, AQ20, ZG, and all the raids in BC. What can I say, I like raiding, dungeon crawling, and company of other slightly crazy people.

What I do not want to see is any drama. Most rolls will be open rolls with the exceptions of items that are class specific, items that require a certain rep level to use, such as the Eye of C'thun, and legendary items such as Bindings. (Reyz won the first half of the Bindings of the Windseeker and will get first priority on the second half in any raid I lead.)

*Disclaimer: All MCA rules and guidelines apply. And at no point is another engineer going to drop a repair bot at the entrance to C'thun's room.

Sat, 04 Apr 2009 10:15 -0700

The current raid times are as follows:

MC: Saturdays at 1200
BWL: Immediately following MC on Saturdays unless there is not enough time or attendance to clear both instances with reasonable time to attend other nightly raids.
AQ40: Sundays @1200
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Sun, 05 Apr 2009 12:22 -0700

I'm always interested in the BC and pre-BC raids. I think it's great that you're starting them up again!
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Mon, 06 Apr 2009 01:16 -0700

I'm interested as well in doing the old content, either for farming achievements, rep, gear that I never got (Nemesis set, I'm looking at you here), or just fun. I can't commit to being there every single week, but if I'm around, I'll join in.
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Fri, 05 Jun 2009 10:41 -0700

Hay afterglow are you still doing this... I have had a few people ask me about it in
game. Just checking. Thanks.

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