Semi-pug-official-impromptu Sarth/Naxx 10 Tonight 8/26 6pm

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Wed, 26 Aug 2009 03:58 -0700

Thanks for the Unit S subforum!

Going to get whoever I can from either MCA or LFG tonight just so that something happens in the planned timeslot. Sarth+1 plus as much Naxx as we feel like seems like a puggable agenda.

Whisper me or say something in /mcalliance around 6

I will keep a record of who attended to apply for future reservation, but going tonight will not be taken as any sort of commitment to go long-term.

If you feel like it, bump this thread with how awesome I/we/you/MCA is: ... 6660&sid=1
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Wed, 26 Aug 2009 06:50 -0700

I would like to put my druid forward as this time slot fits well. Shandal . I cant bring the paladin that came tonight because the future plans you have for this raid interfere will interfere with her lockout with D@C. Druid has decent(naxx25) heal gear and has balance D - spec with naxx10 gear. Ive no preference what to run i'll do either roll. Let me know if im needed

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