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Tue, 19 Oct 2010 05:53 -0700

What: ICC10
Date: Saturday 10/23/10
Time: 5 server - ??

Im going to host a saturday night 10man in ICC for anyone not going to Blizzcon and looking to fight off boredom. Experience is a HUGE plus - so like you dont have to have the Kingslayer title since im not doing any HMs, but having some gear and knowledge of fights to ease the suffering will help. Loot is need/greed with one need win for the run, greed to your heart's content (but play nice or I'll be a dick and switch to ML). The plan is to start around 5 server and run until:
A.) we get tried
B.) we get bored
C.) everything is dead
D.) we get kicked out of ICC for being squatters
E.) all of the above. in which case we go get festively drunk and piss all over the Wickerman Festival

since im planning on taking my warrior as fury Im looking for interest from 2 tanks, 4 dps, and 3 people who can reliably keep the afore mentioned tanks and dps alive (including, but not exclusive to me - although sucking up to me has its benefits). Any interested parties can post here or send a game mail to Therin with the role you are interested in playing should this off-Broadway production go off.


P.S. if its a jolly good time there may be more. if not, im getting drunk and pissing all over the Wickerman Festival anyway
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