Holiday Schedule

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Tue, 18 Dec 2007 04:00 -0800

Ok with the holiday schedule and all I would really like to postpone raiding until Dec 31 or 7th. I hate stopping the momentum, but I would rather that then worring about who we can find to replace everyone that is gone.

For me I would like not to play much at all for the week of the 24th though I know I can't resist coming on anyway. 24th I know I want to spend with family outside the digital world. And New years eve I would like to do something with the special lady in my life. Nothing like a new year kiss.
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Wed, 19 Dec 2007 06:07 -0800

My holiday's pretty low key -- family's not doing much and my sweetie's 3k miles away, so I'll be around and up for whatever when I'm not working. Only exception is the 27th; I'll be heading out of town to celebrate my birthday with some friends.