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Mon, 17 Mar 2008 10:00 -0700

Over the last few weeks we've had a bit of a tossup in our crew. This isn't a surprise, and we've had them before. That said, below is the current raid makeup. * indicates a sub at this time.

Fiadfiel (mt)
Failure (ot)*
Balis (mh)
Tanriel (mh)
(10th spot, nominally Paltos)

Alts (of the above)
Sikemuter (tanriel, spriest)
Ragond (Balis, rogue)
Lightsear (Fiadfiel, spriest)
Alamanda (Verali, 'lock)
OrinPaleEye (Fiadfiel, rogue)

Amolily (mage)
Relicsouls (pally MT)
Visceraut (warrior, tank)
Madie (rogue)

Since I'm the current main tank and I get a lot of crushing blows, I'm looking at favoring a 3-healer setup or a 2-healer/spriest. That said, until current personal issues with some of our folks are shored up I'm not going to wholly lock things down. I will here formally extend regular status to Tanriel if he wants it. Additionally, if you're not on this list and interested in joining us on our little escapades in the House of the Mad, we're happy to have you if we have space and can use you. Being put on the formal list depends on behavior during the raid and overall performance (this is not gear based so much as how you use it (via wowwebstats), but I will admit to being unwilling to take someone in to do so much as hit Moroes as an off-healer if they have less than +600 to healing) Minimum requirements are Omen and the ability to listen to instructions, with usage of Ventrilo a plus.

As for where we are in the raid, we're downing netherspite regularly and taking on the prince and Nightbane weekly. We don't quite have KZ on farm as a result of our current shakeup, but since we can run long on Weds. if we can get through netherspite and chess by the end of Weds., I'm willing to look at probing ZA late mondays if we can get the prince and netherspite down with regularity.

Thoughts? Comments? Questions?
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Mon, 17 Mar 2008 10:59 -0700

The hours are a bit rough for me, but nothing to bad. Better than our old MC days :) I don't need to be awake at work in the morning anyway >.>

I'm in for as long as you need me as OT (or as my gear and such progresses as MT to let you swap to your spriest or something). Just let me know. I am uncrushable/uncrittable atm, just don't have the avoidance and mitigation yet of say Relic.

I just need to farm the heroics more for the badge goodies.
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Thu, 10 Apr 2008 08:32 -0700

Verali's got all she needs from Kara, so if the group would like teh manaz I could take my priest Zsarilya. She's currently Shadow and I should have two pieces of Frozen Shadoweave done in two or three days, and the third done about a week from today. I would also be glad to try and gear her up to go holy/disc as a main healer -- one of the advantages of Zsari is that she's not hellbent on a spec like certain hunters we know and love. (It was hard enough to convince her to get that owl!)

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