Kaadan unable to attend 7/7 - 7/16

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Mon, 07 Jul 2008 12:38 -0700

Hello gang.

I'm very sad to have to do post this, but the increased demands of summer school (paired with my regular work and family responsibilities) has proved to be more than I can handle at the moment. Therefore, I will be unable to bring Kaadan to the 9-Man raids for a couple weeks. I just need to get caught up. :shock:

I'm especially sorry for the short notice. :oops:

Regarding a sub... I will put a bug in Faragorn's ear about taking my spot anytime he's able. Beyond that I'm hoping that there will be capable and respectable DPS available thru the MCA channel.

I hope to be back and ready to raid again on Monday, July 21st. See you then! :twisted:
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Mon, 07 Jul 2008 12:45 -0700

Will miss you, Kaadan! I do hope that some of your stress is alleviated though. <3