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Thu, 17 Nov 2016 10:09 -0800

Saw this on Reddit and thought it might be helpful!
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Tue, 29 Nov 2016 10:50 -0800

Various notes/ideas for Helya
(we won't necessarily do any/all of these, but they are things to try for phase 2)
  • clear out the platform/side tentacles FIRST, do main room ones last. Prioritise tentacles after big adds so you only go up each platform once.
  • intentionally eat at least the first few waves of Maw in an effort to kill skeletons in the main room.
  • skeletons can be CC'd. If we use shockwave, rooting totems, knockbacks, and ring of frost, we should be able to keep some of them down on the bottom for a bit even when we do have to move up.
  • Assign some strong single target DPSers to focus on the tentacles and not worry about the skeletons.
  • Hold skeletons intentionally and don't bother killing them at all if you ARE up on one of the platforms.
I'll look more before Thursday, when I expect to do ToV, but I haven't found too much on the split raid strategy and one that specifically only recommended it for larger raid sizes. I'm still not opposed to trying it but right now I'm leaning towards trying some combination of the above notes first, especially since I think splitting the raid might me two runs up each side platform which is difficult if not impossible if we have fucked up skeletons.
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