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Topics from previous expansions.

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Thu, 20 Apr 2017 09:12 -0700

Phase 1:

Tank first add on top of Gul'Dan. DPS stays on Gul'dan with only cleave damage to first add. Bring second add to Gul'dan and that is top dps priority with cleave going to Gul'dan and other add (this will not always be possible because the second add randomly teleports and doesn't move afterward). Once the third add comes out he will put up his bubble and can't be attacked. Finish phase as normal.

People need to be aware of beam and move out of it. People need to watch for the broken ground effect and get out of it to avoid the impale stun. Move adds away from the Gaze of Vethriz (eye lazers). The eyes spawn at the location of random people so the placement can be somewhat controlled.

Phase 2:

Add is dps priority and must be interrupted.

Tanks should, ideally, be breaking their own bonds. If you get bonds and have an ability to allow you to break your own say something (most people are good about this). Bonds throw you directly away from the boss. The boss should just be tanked in the middle of the circle facing away from ranged group. Melee behind him and ranged close on edge of circle behind them. Bonds will then knock targets (except tanks) back relatively close to one another for easier breaking.

Ranged should loosely spread when eye(s) spawn to avoid aoe overlap.

Biggest problem in this phase is when the eyes and bonds are overlapped or close together. The third bond comes just after an eye spawn. The 4th bond comes just after the eye spawn. Killing the eye has priority over breaking bonds. Gathering for bond breaking (and eye staying up longer) will get people killed. As soon as the eye is almost dead (or when down to one or two eyes) you can move to break bonds. You can't take forever on this as there is probably a liquid hellfire or add up next.

Rule of thumb for this phase: move in for bonds, spread out for eyes.

Phase 3:

Hero will probably be once the 3rd eye spawns. It really depends on healing more than anything. If you hero for third eye you will have it for third and fourth eye. If you hero for 4th eye you have it for storm and harvest.

Try to not freak out and drop your fire all over the place. The ground effect isn't a ton of damage so it is possible to do something like drop two, move, drop two but the main thing is to not drop near the well and to try and limit spread as much as actually possible. The aoe splash from the fire does more damage than the dot / ground effect itself so avoid dropping it on / near people. If you get fire during storm try to drop it in the path of the storm (and not the new area we are in) so that it gets removed.

Soul soaking is the most important part of this phase. If we leave even one soul in the well it is probably a wipe or near wipe. This is virtually nothing more important in phase 3 than soul soaking.

We want to keep individual stacks of the soul debuff as low as possible so everyone is responsible for soaking. Don't stand next to anyone else when soaking or you will get extra stacks. Balancing this out will be the biggest hassle. Most suggestions say healers soak the first souls, ranged the soak the second, melee soak the third. Some groups have the offtank run to the souls and soak as many as he can before needing to trigger the slash again.

The debuff will only stack to a maximum of 9 which should be pretty healable on a tank (30k/sec/stack). Additional souls will only refresh duration. We may want to tank him closer to one side of well if we are doing this.

Healers are suggested for the first one because the healing hasn't gotten super crazy yet and it lines up with the first eye and dps need to be on that. Melee are suggested for the third because it is just after the 4th eye and melee will need to run in ~15sec anyway to avoid the third storm. This causes the least dps loss for melee. Ranged with lowest stacks can help here. It is important to note that if you die after soaking souls any souls you have will return to the well. We don't have to have a set rotation as long as people are good about soaking. The overall goal is to keep individual stacks as low as possible.

The 3rd harvest happens almost immediately after the 3rd storm. If you are running from the 3rd storm and you see a soul still in the well get it. This is the hardest point in the fight and any person CDs you have should be used to stay alive here.

If we can make it to this point we have almost 60 seconds to just dps before he does anything else meaningful. You still have to drop fires responsibly. Depending on his health we may get a 5th eye which, if he is almost dead, we can probably ignore.

We should coordinate big healer cooldowns for after / during each harvest. Ideally the raid will stack (likely on boss) right before each harvest to maximize aoe healing. If we clear the well the three ticks won't kill anyone who is topped off going in (its ~550k a tick)

Raid should be sure to be spread some before an eye spawns. We had a good number of deaths because of overlap.

So p3: Eyes > Souls > Gul'dan. Kill eye, soak souls. Kill eye, soak souls.

The order in p3 is (unless we work in tanks, which I suggest, or if we don't have set soak groups):

1st Eye
Souls (healers)
1st Storm
2nd Eye
Souls (ranged)
3nd Storm
3rd Eye
Souls (ranged/healers)
4th Eye
Souls (melee)
3rd Storm


The Empowered Eyes at the end of Phase 2 and in Phase 3 will follow their highest threat target. Tanks should be grabbing these to keep them close for melee and out of fire.

I shouldn't have to mention this but in phase 1 healers need to be better about clearing the drain debuff from the second add.
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Thu, 20 Apr 2017 10:04 -0700

For the TL;DR the main take-away changes that people should be aware of are:
  • Delay breaking bonds until eyes are dead on those that overlap in P2
  • Hero in p3 on the 3rd eye
  • Need to coordinate healer cooldowns for harvest
  • Need to improve fire dropping
  • Tanks pick up the eye in P3 as quick as possible
I think that's everything but let me know if I missed a big point.

I think we still need to figure out something better with the fires because right now the biggest thing impacting us is the inability for melee to help kill some of the P3 eyes because they are in a sea of uncleared fire.
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Thu, 20 Apr 2017 08:45 -0700

Souls in well tracker: